Play Radio in Winamp

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Boring with winamp πŸ˜•

Now ., we can use winamp as a radio to listen a lot of music such as house, pop, jazz, rock, funk, metal, r&b, blues, 90s, reggae, classical, mandarin, korea and many more .. .

Just easy step to do πŸ˜‰

  • Connect your internet
  • Open your winamp
  • In the Playlist Tab, choose add url or press Ctrl + L
  • Write the URL names
  • Happy Listening πŸ˜‰

To help you ., these are the URL’s

Local Radio

  1. Hardrock
  2. Suara Surabaya
  3. iRadioFM
  4. Prambors
  5. Radio Muslim


  1. Anime
  2. Frisky


  1. Masan MBC
  2. Mukulcast

Pop, R&B n Hip Hop

  1. 1Power
  2. Oxigeno 100.4 FM
  3. Radio FX
  4. Crooze FM
  5. The Beat


  1. Big R Classic Country
  2. Dansbandsdax
  3. 1.FM Country
  4. 977 Oldies


  1. Selangor
  2. TaiwanBestRadio
  3. HKGFM Asia Hitz

Jaaz, Reggae, Metal and Blues

  1. Hard Rock Radio Live
  2. Smooth Jazz
  3. ReggaeTrade
  4. FM Blues USA

Sumber : Kaskus


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