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holandNowdays, we can’t deny that English bulked large all aspect of our lifes escpecially in the corporate world, So willy-nilly as young generation of this country we have to study it n preparing ourselves facing the future 🙂 I awared that learning a foreign language is not as easy as turn over our hands, the important things are willpower n desire. The are several ways to learn English efficiently

  • Way of Life
  • We ‘ve tried to use English everyday whenever n wherever we are, there for we can read, listen or talk with English in our daily conversation

  • Total Commitment
  • We must have commitment to involve or invoked English in our lives physically (read, write, listen n spell), mental (understanding English expression) n emotionally (‘ve high motivation to study English)

  • Trying
  • Studying language like drive over the car. We can’t just read n understand “the manual book”, but we’ve to use it

  • Beyond Class Activities
  • We’ve to create n procreative in a chance or space of time to “study” extracurricular or extramural

  • Strategic
  • Implement the precise learning strategic to support our learning proccess (communicate lineally with the other people or native speaker)

bookStudying Styles Every people has their different styles of studying, these are all formed from the environment n our usage or habitual activities

  • Auditory Learners
    • Listening to English’s cassette
    • Watching English films on TV, VCD or cinemas
    • Listening to expressions

  • Visual Learners
    • Reading articles from English magazines or newspapers
    • Restory with our words (writing or speaking)
    • Understanting an abstract concept
  • Auditory Learners
    • Using computer
    • Join English Clubs
    • Learning by writing

English Situs these are situs which prepared articles in English such as :


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