Addin’ Fonts on Ubuntu

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Finally, I’ve conscious ‘n aware that adding font on Ubuntu was not as difficult as I thought before 🙂 After searched some tutorial from GOOGLE I’ll show U the steps are as follows :

  • Prepare the new fonts in one folder
  • /home/$user/neofonts

  • Make new folder in “/usr/share/fonts/truetype/” to relocate the new one
    • Open the “terminal
    • Application – Accessories – Terminal

    • Changed to root
    • sudo su or
      sudo su –

    • Make new folder
    • sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/neofonts (according to user)

    • Copy the new fonts
    • cp -r /home/$user/neofonts /usr/share/fonts/truetype or
      cp /home/$user/neofonts/*.TTF /usr/share/fonts/truefonts/neofonts

  • —————— Process copying are finished HERE….. ——————-

  • Open Open Office Writer or Word Processor
  • Look at the “FONT NAME” to see the new copies font
    Enjoy U’r writing with all sort of new fonts 🙂


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